Thursday, February 02, 2006

A commercial

Just saw a touching commercial of an energy drink.
Narrator telling the story of hard-working labourers...
Something along the lines of:

"New Year's time, and most people get big bonuses and dividends from shares. Us labourers, we don't have anything. When the weather is cold, we work outside. When it's hot, we have to bear to heat. In construction, the work never stops. We risk our lives, and sometimes get injured, but we continue working. At a time like new year, we don't have much to give to our families. Just a small amount of money we save up and we give it to the children. When the children say "Thank you!", that's our greatest gift. Then we know that our labour and toil is worth something"

Touching, is it not?
Everyday, we pass so many construction sites, building skyscrappers, underground railways, digging tunnels, connecting bridges. They may be locals, or they may be workers from far away countries. But they continue to silently work and toil for meagre pay, for our benefit. When do we get the change to say "thank you"?

Thank you, to those invisible, unheard and voiceless people who make this society function.
A thank you long overdue.

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