Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 7, 1996

Ten years ago, China 'tested' missiles by firing them close to the shores of Taiwan. The closest fell within a dozen kilometers off of Taiwan's harbours in international waters.

The 'Missile Crisis of 1996' resulted in months of tense standoff and fear, which eventually faded after the US sent the largest deployment of military force since the Vietnam War to the Taiwan Straits.

Ten years on, China's missile threat is sadly much unspoken of and ignored by the international community. More than 700 missiles are now pointed toward Taiwan, and each month many more are added. China's claim to Taiwan is as resolute as ever, and it has repeatedly vowed to 'liberate' the island through 'non-peaceful' means.

Why is such behaviour continuing without condemnation and alarm?
Instead, it is Taiwan, and the country's desire to be democratic, and free from the yoke of tyranny, that is being labelled "trouble-maker".

What injustice!

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