Thursday, May 25, 2006

Amnesty International 2006 Report

Just out, the Amnesty International report for this year,
including in depth country reports, useful facts and figures and analysis.

As expected, the war on terror triggered many concerns as countries around the world, including the 'western' democracies have enacted draconian anti-terrorism measures that are at times at odds with individual freedoms. Grave attrocities continue in Sudan, and the notorious offenders like China, Saudi Arabia etc are still 'at large'.

Summary for this year's report:
2005 was defined by hope wrestling against the duplicity, double speak and failed promises of governments.

Governments and armed groups attacked civilians and perpetuated grave human rights abuses. Powerful nations showed a sinister willingness to manipulate international institutions or apply double standards, and the “war on terror” swept on, gathering more victims of torture and unlawful detention in its wake.

But these acts were countered by successes in the struggle against impunity, the development of a new UN Human Rights Council, and growing public resistance to assaults on human rights. There is a real moment of opportunity. Activists, governments and institutions must grab it.

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