Thursday, August 24, 2006

Starting study soon!

With less than two weeks to go until the first day of term, I went to sleep last night feeling a little anxious. So far I've only received a letter saying I've been admitted to the course I applied for. And the university said they would send me more information about registration and my course. That was more than two months ago. In the meantime I also applied for student grant (studiefinanciering) and my 'public transport' card which allows me to travel for free (OV-Kaart). That too was more than two months ago.

So I went into my new university to ask what happened. Surprise, surprise they did send me registration forms and everything else....but to an address I have no idea where they got from. No big problem, the man at the students' centre assured me, it's happened before. He'll send out my registration forms again, and he gave me my student ID number and details so that I could log into the university sites. That way I can access information on lectures and register for courses.

How long would it actually take to register me after filling in the forms, I asked. Oh, two weeks. Only two weeks. But he reassured me that I'm now 'de facto' a student at Leiden, so can turn up next week at lectures and don't have to fear being thrown out by security. To be a 'de jure' student, I must wait. I'll do that.

The moment I got home today, I got a letter saying that my travel card is ready to be picked up! Months of no news, and suddenly just as I was wondering (and worrying) about what happened, it appears out of the blue. See...waiting does have its rewards.

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