Saturday, November 18, 2006

Seeds of intolerance

Just been told about this wonderful contest initiated by the SpreadTolerance campaign. It's short video-documentaries about an issue of intolerance and discrimination, and people can vote online for their favourite, the winner(s) receive a prize and get to support their charity of their choice.

Documentaries range from homosexual hate crimes, youth sexual exploitation, to rebuilding in the (ongoing) attrocities in Darfur.

Really worth taking a look, if not to learn about some of the terrible things that fellow human beings go through, then at least to learn how a little change of attitude can go so far.

From the campaign site: Ten ways to "unlearn intolerance"

  1. Be an Upstander: Speak up when you see or hear injustice.
  2. Check Yourself: Where might you have intolerance? Take a test out of Harvard to see.
  3. Put someone else in your own shoes: How might a person see the world differently if they lived life in your shoes.
  4. Visit a house of worship other than your own.
  5. Celebrate other people’s traditions.
  6. Take a walk in a different neighborhood other than your own.
  7. See a film with subtitles, listen to music and see art from other cultures.
  8. Listen to others: Try to drop your assumption and listen to the person in the moment.
  9. Educate yourself, your children or kids in your life about how to accept difference.
  10. Travel to and/or learn about different cities, states and countries.

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