Monday, November 27, 2006

Tibetan shooting

Around two months ago news hit the headlines that China shot Tibetan refugees trying to flee into Nepal through the Nanga Pass in the Himalayas. The shooting was captured on tape by Romanian journalists, and several mountaineers witnessed the incident from a camp. After the incident, around a dozen Tibetans disappeared, some children as young as 8.

Students for a Free Tibet started an online campaign called "China would you shoot me too?", calling people to submit their photos with that caption.

Such acts by this hideous regime cannot simply go away. The international community seriously needs to take a stand on the human rights issue in China and cannot delude themselves that there will be any progress without outside pressure.

"Before, I heard that the human rights problem is very serious in China. But in Western society, many people are saying China is becoming better. This time I witnessed how the Chinese communist regime treats Tibetan refugees. I was very shocked. I realized that the situation in China has in fact not improved." - Pierre Maina, Danish Mountaineer

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James said...

I saw that report on television. Horrible.