Thursday, April 20, 2006

Europarliament Strasbourg

UPDATE 18 May 2006
Mark Mardell describes the Europarliament building:

I love the look of this Parliament. It's an open, almost jungle-like space with little wooden bridges joining the two divided halves of the building. And hanging creepers and ultra modern glass lifts. You can see the whole five floors at once. But it's also a confusing, frustrating place - you can see where you want to go, even if you can't work out how on earth to get there... We have an exceptionally busy day. I make 19 live appearances in all.

This involves trotting between the press room, the camera position and the editing room. They are on different floors and on different sides of the building, which are linked by those walkways or passerelles. It's the jargon name given to the clause that allows the EU to increase its power without a new treaty. Perhaps "ascenseur" would be better.

Parliament tower building

Circle of unity

Connecting Europe

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