Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cheek to cheek

I held him over my shoulder, supporting him around his little waist as his little arms swayed from left to right. He was crying before, but as soon as I held up, supported him, and bobbed up and down like a little plane going through turbulence, he stopped crying. Instead his crumpled face brightened to a smile and let out weak little giggles. I felt his cheeks against mine, and his warm face warm up my insides.

The little plane on my shoulder flew wherever I went. Its arms outstretched like free wings, and legs kicking the air like two powerful propellers. We hovered through the air, through space and time. We slowed down by the butterflies suspended close to his bed…their light wings of blue, red, green and white don’t flutter, but still their bodies move through the air with the gentle push of the slightest breeze. Baby Sunny is always fascinated with these creatures and like always reached out to try to catch them. His eyes try to capture their random and free movements, try to mimic their liberated flights of fantasy, and recreate a world of bright colours and contrasts. Perhaps these are the creatures he seems to see when he drifts off into his world of dreams.
Fly, baby, fly! To freedom, to a land of discovery and opportunities. The bounds are endless.

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