Thursday, July 06, 2006

Did you just...

…smile at me, Baby Sunny?

I was feeding your what has now become almost insatiable apetite. I held the bottle up to your sucking lips with one hand, and held your head up with the other hand. You drank and drank your way again into a world of dreams and pleasure as the show of satisfaction appeared on your face. Then you shook your head as if to say you’ve had enough. I removed the bottle from your lips, and you suckled a few last drops around your mouth. Then with one eye open, one eye closed you stared at me, and smiled.

They said the first time a baby smiles at you would be a special event. Never did I expect this strange sense of joy arise inside. Never did I realise that a little being as little as you could again touch me so.

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itchingjo said...

how precious being able to be with a baby..:)