Thursday, July 06, 2006

FIFA la France

(Wrote this the night of France vs Brazil 1:0)

I think you could get away with murder today.

Just came home after ‘watching’ the match, and had to avoid getting hit by speeding cars with people hanging out of the car windows. It’s extra dangerous when you’re walking around in the night with a pram and baby. What people would do for the sake of football…

France just beat probably the greatest football nation in the world. Not sure where that puts France, and frankly couldn’t care. I actually slept through most of the match, only to be awakened now and then by the occasional gasps in the air, jumping up and down, and the roars and screams and applauses and honking at the final whistle. The two girls I ‘watched’ the match with were more exactly than I was…screaming, almost euphoric and tearing.

Then the craziness started. People started dancing in the streets, some with the French flag draped on their shoulders like Superman (or in their case, Frenchman/-woman). Fireworks were left off, and the sound of foghorns blared as people cheered and lost themselves. And then there was (still is) the incessant honking of speeding cars, screeching of tires, roar of motorcycle engines as all of the sudden people poured onto the streets and out their emotions at France’s triumph. Even the city’s rubbish trucks and fire engines joined in the celebration by switching on their sirens and flashing lights. Police stood by and didn’t seem bothered that people sat on top of their car roofs or tore and swerved through the streets like drunks behind wheels at 120. Baby Sunny again slept through the chaos.

There probably wouldn’t be poverty in the world if people expressed the same enthusiasm…

UPDATE: 5 Julliet 2006
Again, honks sounding and fireworks blasting in the background as France triumphs against Portugal and enters the Finals to face Italy.

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