Monday, July 17, 2006

Rembrandt 400

Editorial, ‘Tijdloos populair’ [Timelessly popular], 15 & 16 July 2006, Opinion, p7, NRC Handelsblad

The 400th anniversary of Rembrandt’s was celebrated all over the country with great shows, events and exhibitions bearing his name. It’s a great way to remember a great artist, and it’s a sketch of Dutch culture which binds identity, and frankly brings in lots of money as well. But it’s worth it, because Rembrandt’s works, his heritage and legacy have survived this long, and will undoubtedly continue to last, not just here in the country of his birth, but all over the world.

“Already during his life Rembrandt van Rijn was an internationally known
painted who received big assignments, even from the ‘stadhouder’ (governor) and
his family. He stood on the shoulders of other Dutch painters of the Golden Age,
but distinguished himselfr from them with his broad strokes of the brush and
light effects. Exactly because his art has spoken to people for almost four
centuries long, the popularisation is derived from this. There is no ‘target
group policy’ with Rembrandt, he is suitable for everyone. From the
international interest it appears that he is still as universal as he was. As
many people as possible must become acquainted with the painter, and a website,
a DVD, a quartet game, or even a fridge magnet help [to this effect]. Everywhere
now historically tinted parties are being celebrated and old portraits being

"The many events and souvenirs lead to more museum visits and that is
beneficial. Whoever sees a number of the paintings and sketches in real life, is
impressed with a high benchmark with which other art works can be tested
against. Rembrandt deserves his eternal popularity.”
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