Friday, July 21, 2006

What must Laura think?

It appears Bush is quite a ‘player’. Not only did he try to ‘chat up’ Blair, but Bush also tried to give Merkel (German Chancellor) a back message. (Pictures from ZDF)

"Here Merkie, I see you're in need of some loving, baby."


"Don't touch me, you freak!"

A shocked Merkel responds with a move she learnt during ‘anti-rape’ education in school.
Now, in international politics a lot of attention is paid to 'ettiquet' and appearances. A move or a word can be scrutinised for its significance in the relationship between two countries.

Symbolically, Merkel--representing Germany--just repelled Bush's 'warm' gestures... They did say she was a strong chancellor! : )

Oh, this is too much!

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