Monday, August 28, 2006

Go Dutch: study in the Netherlands!

It's cheap(er), not much differnce in quality, a lot of the courses are in English, and a wonderful experience!

Dutch universities are the first in continental Europe to offer a full range of postgraduate courses taught and assessed in English.

The fees represent exceptional value: €1,500 a year (£1,000) compared with a minimum of £3,500 in the UK. It is possible to pay as little as €500 because many EU students are eligible for an annual rebate of €1,000. Add a lower cost of living and budget air fares, and you have a compelling economic argument for student migration.

Low fees do not mean poor quality or limited choice. There are new universities at Maastricht and Rotterdam, early 20th-century red bricks at Nijmegen and Tilburg and fine 16th- and 17th-century foundations at Groningen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Leiden.

'Go Dutch - save a fortune in fees'

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