Sunday, August 27, 2006

United 93

United 93
Not sure what to think after watching that move. I heard it wasn't very good, but wanted to see for myself. The way it was shot was chaotic, shaky and at times confusing. Not confusing because of the plot, because frankly everyone knows more or less what happened on that fateful day. Confusing in the sense that you didn't really know what was happening. I guess that was the intended effect, since a lot of the people then didn't know what was happening.

The scenes of the passengers saying goodbye on the phone to the loved ones were touching, almost tear jerking. A stark contrast to the demonising portrayal of the bomb-brandishing terrorists who slashed and stabbed like madmen any one who got in the way. Brutal blood spilling and scenes of gore and horror. And then heroic and selfless passengers go up against the hijackers in a last ditch attempt to prevent the plane from being used as another crash weapon.

Some innuendos here and there that perhaps the higher levels of the Bush administration were idle in their response, even after the threats were very real. At the end of the movie you read that the nearest fighters scrambled to the intercept the plane was in fact some 100miles away, and far out at sea. Fuel for conspiracy theorists.

Not really a movie I'd linger on and recommend. Perhaps because I was watching it with a critical mind, and half-expecting that it would just be another attempt by Hollywood to portray America's innocent role as vicitm and sufferer of the world's greatest act of terror. And to be even more cynical part of the political-entertainment complex geared at justifying American reaction and response to terror. The flight control commander said it best when it became apparent after the second plane crashed into the World Trade Centre.

"This is war."

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