Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The temperature dropped today, but the sunset was different and beautiful as usual. With a sweater I usually reserve for after Autumn, I cycled to the beach and took a long walk. The tide was low, the seagulls too. So low and so close you could almost catch them. But who would want to deny them of their freedom?

I walked and walked, not as far and long as that day in the rain, but still when I reached the end of the beach and the harbour of Scheveningen, the sky had fallen dark. The minutes, moments before it was brightly coloured, ever-changing, in sparkling hues of pink, and orange, and violet, and red. As if the sky couldn't decide what coat to put on, so tried every colour on for just a few fleeting moments.


I stood on the harbour dock, jutting out to sea, and felt brave, encouraged as the waves crashed beneath my feet. It was like I was invicible and unafraid of the violent waves. But only because I stood on firm ground. The gray water would have easily silenced me and drowned my existence the second I dropped in. Harbours lights, green and red, flashed on and off. The lighthouse stroked the land and sea with its intense ray, guiding ships and people to shore.

Cycling back, the wind picked up and it was a little struggle. On top of the dune I looked ahead, and there in the sky something smiled at me. A friendly, familar face.

It's a full moon tonight.

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