Wednesday, March 15, 2006

WHO wants the flu?

Again, the supposedly 'World' Health Organisation is unable to overcome political pressures in its recent response to the spread of the avian flu.
Even though Taiwan has NOT EXPERIENCED A SINGLE case of the H5N1 avian flu in either animals or humans, the WHO marked Taiwan as an infected area. Why? Because according to the WHO, Taiwan is a part of China, which has reported dozens of flu cases in both birds and humans.

Please let's get the facts straight: Taiwan and China are separate territories, governed by separate governments and health and disease control authorities. When the WHO continues to cower under China's bullyinh and ignores such blatant facts, and continues to deny Taiwan and its people the right to information about avian flu prevention, its credibility and promise to provide 'universal' benefits to all irrespective of boundaries is at best questionable.

During the height of SARS, the WHO delayed assistance to Taiwan due to, again, pressure and politicking by China. Let's hope that the WHO and international community has since learnt the lesson that epidemics and viruses could care less for what political divisions and boundaries have erected.

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