Thursday, April 27, 2006

Big rain

It suddenly started to pour while my friend and I were outside. Our plan to have a cup of coffee out on the Strasbourg-ian (as opposed to Parisian) street scene somewhere in the old city was…well, soaked.

The rain came so suddenly, but has since silently faded. They say each rain fall in Spring is supposed to signal the gradual warming up of the season. It was really pouring as we walked in the darkening dusk. You could see how much rain was falling by looking at street lights, because the glow from them clearly brings out each streak of rain as it comes down. Light reflections on the black tar road also reveal how quickly and big the rain drops are falling. I like the sight of water splashes on the ground. They just dissipate and disappear in all directions, like falling bombs.

We waited at the tram stop for the rain to stop, or at least die down a little. But it continued pouring, so we risked getting even wetter by braving the rain in the final few minutes walk home. My friend kept complaining, swearing, and lamenting what unfortunate luck she’s having. True, it was wet, and we both were wet. Soaked to the ‘bone’, or at least soaked to our socks and undergarments.

But it was just rain. We’ll get dry (as we are now). And it’ll be dry as soon as it stops raining. It was just rain, a lot of rain, but only that much. Rain, rain, natural rain. Nothing else.

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