Thursday, April 27, 2006

Burnt Hand

I burnt my hand yesterday while making breakfast. How careless, how mindless of me. And what did I do? I continued making breakfast, thinking that my friend must be hungry. It was only later we realised how badly my hand had been burnt. A big patch of darkened skin, just under my thumb, stretches now from the insides of my palm to the back of my right hand.

I knew very well the procedure for dealing with burns: wash with cold water for at least 15 minutes, cover with cloth to prevent exposure, and if need be, go for medical aid immediately. That did cross my mind the moment the searing pain shocked through my body. But instead I just ignored it, thinking, perhaps, that it was nothing. Instead I continued making breakfast. Shows how much I care, about myself.

It’s not that I’m paralysed or anything. It just hurts sometimes, and sickly bubbles of flesh are forming on part of the burn wound. And the skin has become darker there too.

They say how a person deals with an unexpected situation shows a lot about how the person thinks and behaves. Reactions are like insights into a person’s personality. And once again I’ve learnt something about my own.

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