Friday, April 07, 2006

Iris, EC 97

Bruxelles Nord-Strasbourg

There’s something romantic about the landscape going past my window, almost fairy-tale like. Forests, valleys, castles perched atop of hills, church spires towering over pointed houses of cobblestone and limestone roofs…and a fast flowing creek rolling by. It’s Europe, at its most ideallic and peaceful. Seeing all this made me realize the significance of this trip. I’m here, in Europe again. I’m able to enjoy all this beauty and tranquility. How fortunate I am.

Wide open farmland, fluffy white cotton-bud clouds, a clear blue sky, wild flowers adorning fresh, green grass…the perfect setting for a childhood of play and adventures. I could sit here and gaze out the window, take in this abundant beauty, but each scene, each shot flashes by faster than on film. What kind of trees are those? What do you call them? Beauty has no name. Where am I exactly? What is this place? Travelers are not concerned with such details.

PS: Iris is a slick Swiss train with a destination far away.

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