Thursday, April 06, 2006

Travelling again

OK, I just got back from a ten month leave, and it seems fate does not want me to get too comfortable at home, just yet. A friend of mine is in a bit of a situation, and needs help. She's close to giving birth, and lives completely alone by herself.

I was still in bed (though already lying calmly awake and listening to the news on the radio I might add), when I got the request for help. Straight away I agreed to get over there as soon as I could. Within hours my tickets were booked and travel plans arranged. Friday this time I should be in Strasbourg, after a 7hr journey through Belgium and Luxembourg. A little excited really, as I'll be travelling again, and even more so since it's by train.

I've never had any experience with pregnancy (chances are slim for me personally I guess), so this trip will, like so many things this past year, be a new experience. Been reading a bit what a pregnant woman can and cannot do or eat, just in case I do something terribly wrong. I've been forewarned about the moodswings and weepy monologues I'll have to endure. I'm not sure what it is I could do to help, but I guess sometimes just being there is enough.

So far what suprises me the most is the speed I made up decisions to go see this friend. I mean when it comes to making decisions for myself I'd wonder and doubt and delay and fear whether I'm making the right decision. But it was clear the moment I got the phone call what I wanted. I wanted to help, not out of a sense of wanting something in return, but just because I want to help. Someone described me as a "knight to the rescue", another an "angel"... but I don't think I deserve any of these compliments. I just doing what I guess anyone would do in a similiar situation, and that is to help a(nother) fellow human being (in this case, maybe two) in need.

Painting and my other things will just have to wait.

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