Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Far right

I can't believe there are still people who think that the white race is supreme, that the Holocaust never happened, or that politics is dominated by Zionists. But believe it, there are such people.

After the gruelsome murders by an extreme right teen in Antwerp last week, there was a focus in NOVA tonight on the issue of extremists in the Netherlands. Two teens were interviewed, and the kind of nonsense and twisted views were terrifying to say the least. One declared himself to be a National Socialist (ie. a Nazi), with such pride too.

As usual, the same mumble jumble: foreigners out, marry your own race, all coloured people are backward and undeveloped... They lack such depth and ability to look beyond their little ideas and bigotry, and instead simply repeat all the usual stereotypes and biases. Have they ever come into contact with a 'foreigner' or person with a different skin colour? Have they even tried to talk to them, to get along, to understand 'them', before they start shouting abuse and discriminating? Do they know or understand the meaning of dialogue? Of acceptance? Of respect?

It's too easy to dismiss these people as lunatics who have little strength, but the Internet, with all its easy and ability to network people internationally, is transforming the voice of these extremists. How do you track them down? How do you censor their remarks and views? Where do you draw the line between freedom of speech and public interest? Who decides what is 'extremist' and what should be the tone of debate?

The world is so small already, crowded with so many people and cultures. And some make it their goal to make it even smaller.


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