Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Party for paedophiles

A new political party will be established tomorrow.
Besides the party for workers, party for animals, party for seniors, as of tomorrow there will also be a party for paedophiles.

Serious now. The party for Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit ( NVD, Brotherly love, Freedom and Diversity) was established with the aim to “shake up The Hague!” (seat of government). According to the homepage the current cabinet has used the mantel of ‘war against terror’ to restrict fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression and assembly, and the NVD will be established to resist these “Stasi- and DDR-practices” [Stasi was the infamous secret service of the DDR, Democratic Republic of Germany].

What are their (more controversial) agendas?
About sexuality and intimacy of course!

  • Sex education to be given in kindergarden
  • Children to be allowed to have sexual contact from the age of 12 (currently 16), based on consent of course. Forced sexual contact remains forbidden. In situations where there is a ‘dependent relationship’ (eg teacher- student) and in cases of incest, age remains at 16.
  • Pornography be allowed to be broadcast during the day
  • From the age of 16, teens should be able to appear in a pornographic production
  • From the age of 16, teens should be able to enter the prostitution profession
  • Everyone can walk around naked in public. (But they do have to use a towel when they sit in public seats, like a park or at the station).
  • Child pornography will be permitted.
  • Marriage be abolished, since whether or not one marries should not have any influence on legislation at all.

    For the rest of their agenda, read this.

I'm all for representative government, diversity and the usual freedom and liberal mumble jumble..... but is this not going too far?

UPDATE 4 juni 2006

A few days after the establishment of the party, and the online forum has been innundated with insults and anti-NVD members...with really sickening pictures and name calling. Protest, but not in this way.

-------Before I get hatemail I want to make clear: in no way is me writing about this issue a show of support for the NVD party or sexual abuse or abuse of any kind of children. I simply want to look into an issue that is making news and share it with other people.

Just reading the discussion in the forum, and someone made a point that is worth noting.
Basically the argument is that among paedophiles ('child-lover' if you break the word down) there are two types:

1) child-lover: one who is attracted to children, who would never do anything that the child does not want and shall not force children to do anything. They listen to the child, and to what he/she does not want and respect this.

2) child-abuser/molester: one who sexually abuses a child to satisfy his/her needs.

Most of the media coverage and public opinion focus on the latter, and lump paedophiles together as one and the same, giving the former group of people a stigma and bad name. There are people who are sexually attracted to children, yes, but they also know the limits of this attracttion and would not do anything to jeopardise the trust and safety of the child.

And then there's the issue of where paedofilia comes from. It is suggested by a member that it is in the genes; that you don't choose to be a paedophile, just as you don't choose to be gay/lesbian/heterosexual etc. Is that the case really?

Perhaps there is more to the story than meets the eye, if only people will open up to different opinions.

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Anonymous said...

May be it could be of interest you publish about the results of the report about Dutch youth ( 12-18 y/o) and the practices of cybersex. Frits