Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Which way now?

Had a nice stroll through the forest just now. It may be almost June, but the temperature and cold feels like it's the middle of winter. You know how when you are outside and the breeze and air makes your nose and eyes water? That was how it was.

I've been to the forest many times since I got back here almost two months ago. But where I didn't go was further into the forest, where I walked to often after school. That was five years ago. Each step I took seemed to bring back memories, and also some inspiration for the story that I'm writing at the moment. At the same time, each step took me further into the future, and also left me wondering what steps and which direction I should take.

Still no idea. I got a rejection from the International Court of Justice saying that "after careful consideration of your experience and qualifications, the Court has decided that it is unable to offer you an internship at this time. " So that's that then. It didn't really bother me that much, I really applied to see if there was something I could do to pass the time and help me decide what I want. Or maybe these are words of self-condolence.

I looked at the tall trees, at the birds, the flowers, the new born ducklings that wobbled as they tried to keep up with their parents... how nice everything was, how calm and quiet. It was good to be alone in the forest. No one around to disturb you, just you and the rest of the world that seemed so big and empty.

It's a temporary escape from reality. Posted by Picasa

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