Sunday, June 04, 2006

“1 in 10 Netherlanders are racist”

Further evidence that this country is becoming more and more intolerant.

Worrying report by an independent public opinion research (Motivaction) reveals that a quarter of the population has a negative opinion of allochtones (‘foreigners’ in the broad sense of different origin, skin colour, religion and/or race). Those who are ‘racist’ (10%) believe that Netherlanders are more intelleigent than allochtones and that different nationalities should not mix.

Another 17% admit to being racist ‘now and then’. They think allochtones are “criminal, impolite, lazy and intolerant”. Regarding people’s opinion of Islam, half of Netherlands are very negative, with 43% believing that it is not a peaceful religion, whereas 63% believe that Islam is incompatible with modern life.

The so-called ‘multi-cultural society’ also is not so popular among the majority of the population, since 80% believe that current situation between different cultures is ‘tense’. Most people are least at ease with Moroccans.

Reporting by BNR, Algemeen Dagblad, NRC Handelsblad

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