Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jihad-blogger sentenced

A nut case. ErTaN, a Muslim blogger also known as the ‘jihad-blogger’, has just been sentenced by the Public Prosecutor to 180hours of community service for inciting hatred and violence.

The funny part:

Part of the reason was because ErTan published an open letter to Verdonk, in which he attacks Minister Verdonk’s policy of forced integration. Such a policy will not work with Muslims, because that is the equivalent to giving up being a Muslim. In his opinion

“[The] yardstick for integration of Muslims is not the language or the [degree of] education, but the extent to which [one has] forfeited [one’s own] Muslim identity in exchange for the secular, Dutch identity.

He closes the letter with an anecdote, describing a scene with his son and him at the children’s farm.

-He dad, what kind strange animal is that?
That, my boy is a fat sow, but we call it a ‘Verdonk-je’

[‘little Verdonk’, insulting the Minister’s name]

-It is a very dirty animal, right dad?

Yes boy, Verdonk-jes are always very unclean.

-He dad, there’s a stone, can I through it at her head?

Uhh, no, you cannot. Who did you learn that from? You cannot treat animals like this.

-Please! Please!

Oh, go on then, for this one time only.

-He! He!

Aim on her forehead. Come on boy, you can do it. Stone her!

The main issue here is the advocating the ‘stoning’ of ‘Verdonkje’ and the “threatening and insulting language” ErTaN used.

The not-so-funny part:

The other reason for his sentence was his incitement of hatred and violence towards homosexuals, and a pro-gay rights politician. In one he wrote:

”As soon as the Islamic law is effective in the Netherlands I shall be the first to push every protesting gay, with head down, off of the Westertoren [church in Amsterdam, close to the Homo-monument]. The Parliamentarian Borris D.[Dietrich] of D66 makes thereby a good chance to be allowed first. The stoning thereafter I shall gladly leave to others, because I shall have to concentrate on the suitable conclusion of this festive event, namely the blowing up of the Homo-monument, completely just like the Buddha-statutes in Afghanistan.”

In another about the Gay Pride of 2005, he called upon other Muslims to make it “an explosive party”.

This, in ErTaN’s defence, is supposed to be “humour” and part of his freedom of expression.

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