Sunday, June 11, 2006

Expensive commercial

A 90 second TV advertising space between the two halves of the Netherlands-Serbia-Montenegro football match costs around €75000. And the supermarket chain Albert Heijn has bought the space…in which Wuppies (furry little creatures) will sing and dance:

‘Jaaaaaaa /
Met een Wuppie, Wuppie, Wuppie /
Pakken wij dat
[ “Jaaaaa,
With a wuppie, wuppie, wuppie
We take the

I even got my very own Wuppie when I went foodshopping yesterday, look!
I wonder why mine is not orange…

My very own Wuppie Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

Sweet20 said...

LOL cool! I also have two of my own wuppies one orange and one white. But the song beats everything else really. It's a catchy song :)