Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekly roundup: week 23

Bush’s defence of marriage

No Adam and Steve, no Eve and Jane if Bush has his way! He wants to amend the US Constitution in such a way that marriage is strictly between a man and woman

Looks like the Canadians have the Americans by years on this one!

Orange crazy

The Dutch embassy in Berlin has put on an orange glow at night to welcome the FIFA World Cup.

Google IS evil!

Founder of Google admits that cooperating with China was ‘evil’.

Poles come out of the ‘Eastern Bloc’

Perhaps it’s the years of Communist rule, or the fact that Eastern Europe is the domanin of devout Catholics and Orthodox Christians, but homosexuals there seem to live in a climate of fear and hiding.

With the ban on the Moscow Pride, and violent clashes in Bucharest, Warsaw managed to hold its Gay Pride without much trouble.

No news on Sunday

Just browsing the web, and I came across something I totally didn’t expect. On the Reformatorisch Dagblad (Reformist Daily) website, this message was displayed:

Today is Sunday. We dedicate this day especially to the service of God. We view Sunday as a day of rest, a mission of God and a gift, to which we should be grateful […]

Does news stand still on Sunday? No, not that—we live in a time in which the difference between Sundays and workdays unfortunately is becoming smaller.

I never knew even church-run websites rest on Sabbath.

Now I do.

No need to swear

Or take the Lord's name in vain! The League against Blasphemy and Swearing has in the past period successfully put up posters in public places to remind people it is not nice to swear, and the virtues of positive speech.

I'll be d*mned.

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