Sunday, June 11, 2006

Travelling again?

I'm going on a railtrip (as opposed to roadtrip) tomorrow. As you probably gathered that friend of mine in France gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and it's time I drop by and see how she's doing.

It should be fun, and it'll be my first experience with a baby so close. I did after all spend three weeks there, and I was the first other person to feel the baby's kick. No wonder I've become 'Uncle David'. I'll also get to see the 'grandma', a very friendly 'auntie' who I got to know well last summer while in 'retreat'. So it'll be a reunion and first meeting in one.

And best of all, I'm going by train...through all those countries, places! Ticket ready, lugguage more or less packed...ready to roll through Europe!

Just love travelling~ : P

UPDATE! 12 juni 2006

It's a bit stupid...but I got to the station and found out my train to Brussels was cancelled at the last minute! : ( So I decided to come home again, and just found out there's another possibility to travel today, but that means I'll arrive in Strasbourg close to eleven tonight.

Agh! Just when you think things are going smoothly...

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