Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby being

When I first saw you, your eyes were closed.

Curiously I looked at this strange little being,

In soft white linen, warm and sweetly clothed.

Then your eyes opened, and my mind went teeming,

With such joy and excitement, I felt I was dreaming.

Not long ago you were nowhere to be seen,

And now you are with us, bringing joy to our midst,

Touching the world with a mind so pure and clean,

In return we touch you, realizing what we to date have missed,

An innocent little angle, the joy in our midst.

Little long fingers, wrapped in soft cotton mittens.

A soft little cry, echoing the songs of colourful larks.

A button nose, rosy lips and a smile that sweetens,

Your pudgy little face, enough to brighten up the dark,

Blessed our lives are, adorned with an adorable little spark.

Your weak little body, so defenseless and fragile

No way can you yet express what you want to say,

For now we only guess your feelings, revealed with a frown or a smile.

With a heart of goodness and kindness, we hope that some day,

You will shine onto others, with the brialliance of the sun’s rays.

When I first saw you, your eyes were closed,

Yet the world stands before you,

From now and hereafter

Fully opened.

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