Sunday, July 09, 2006

Merci, Strasbourg

It really doesn't take much effort to help someone. It really doesn't.

I never thought so many would be involved in something to surprise me. Just as I thought the final night would be 'another dinner party' while we all sat down together to watch France's final performance (later defeat) in the finals, it had another twist.

As I entered the room a wall was decorated with placards with 'thank you' in a dozen languages. Thank who? Thank "David, qui n'est pas le pere" (David, who isn't the father)

I was touched, though that perhaps didn't show.

To be honest I was more embarassed that so many went through so many trouble just for me. I hoped the others understood that, though the best I could do to show my appreciation was through shy smiles and many repeated thank you's in return.

I didn't feel like I really deserved it. I mean I just did what I could, and that was help a friend in need. I'm sure people would do the same in similiar situations.

I don't and didn't expect to be rewarded, or to be called a 'hero' or an 'angle'. Because I was just being me, and I'm happiest when I'm just me.

But really, thanks to so many friends, new and old, who have made me past month in Strasbourg a memorable experience, from start to finish. Again you have shown me many sides of life that make it all worth while.

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