Wednesday, August 16, 2006

London calling...


Just had a chat with a friend I'll be staying with over the next few days in London. I guess I knew already, but didn't really think too much about it: the UK is in a state of emergency!
OK, they've just lowered the threats to "Severe" (second down), which is a little better than just before and after the foiled bomb plots. But it's still....severe.

Told me all these things I should be careful with, things not to carry, and he even wrote me an 'invitation' letter too, in case customs gets picky. I really did not think so far. Had a look around at the Home and Foreign Office websites, and there's really nothing much there. Even the Dutch foreign ministry hasn't issues a travel warning either; just mentioned that there might be delays, and that there's a possibility of bird flu (which also didn't cross my mind).
Was my friend just being (overly) cautious, or is it that bad??

Hm, I'll be travelling by train (Eurostar) into London... I guess that should be less problematic then flying. But still...

We'll see. This trip just got a more little interesting.

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