Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nothing to declare I

So I went to the station today to change my travel plans. I've decided to stay in London a little longer, make the most out of this trip. But this means my return train will depart at around 6am...taking into account check in and other procedures, I have to get up at around 4! Any other train after that I must pay over €150 for a single, which is so MUCH MORE than my own return ticket. Anyways, that's the 'price' you pay for having a youth ticket...

The lady at the ticket counter said there shouldn't be any problems with the train, compared to the plane (that rhymes!), but suggested I be in Brussels (where I'll be transfering) earlier than the recommended 30min before departure of my Eurostar. As to restrictions of what you can and cannot bring aboard, there are none.

But just to be on the save side, I will publicly make known what I'm taking with me on my trip. For the record, I'm not a terrorist, and have absolutely no intention of being or becoming one.

A suit and tie: I will not dress to 'kill' on the train, and will promise to keep all this hidden beyond view. I will not try to strangle anyone with my (brother's) beautiful tie. At least not before I attend the wedding.

Clothes, socks, undergarments: no harm can be done there, unless maybe when they're not washed. My friend warmed me not to take thick clothes, for fear of arousing suspicion. I suggested maybe I should dress up tomorrow looking like I'm going to the beach. But the weather will not cooperate.

Cufflinks: nothing wrong with them...they do not have buttons and lasers like 007. I will not wear them on the train, and will promise not to strike anyone with them.

Supply of toiletries: now, I heard these are banned on flights because of 'liquid terror'. I will try not to brush my teeth, gel my hair, lotion my face and hands and use my fragrance on the train for fear of arousing suspicion. I will try to look as ugly and keep as low a profile as possible. If the customs officers do mind, they can keep these essential ingredients which make metrosexual who he is. Posted by Picasa

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