Friday, January 06, 2006

A trip

Time to resume my journey again.

Looking back, I see the long, and at times arduous, trail I've left behind. Those unforgettable moments of joy, and of sadness. Those memorable places of beauty, and of darkness. Standing again at a turning point , and waiting to take another leap foward. Onto new unchartered territories.

Into the urban jungles and the wild forests,
Into the sea of culture, and the wealth of history,
of two of Sout-East Asia's spiritual gems.

Looking forward, I see endless opportunities to discover the world, in all its sounds and sights, in all its calm and troubles. The ultimate aim is to deepen further understanding, to gain insight to the unity of the everything that I see and feel. And perhaps I shall one day realise:

However long the journey,
wherever the destination may be,
One step at a time.

Time to go.

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