Friday, January 06, 2006

Two brothers

While riding the MRT, a mother pushing a pram with a little boy inside came aboard. She rested the pram at my feet and smiled at me. Another little boy followed her and circled around the pram and the baby inside.

One was perhaps only three, the other, the one in the pram, perhaps only one or so. But their age is not important. The older brother stood in front of the pram, looking intensely and playfully at his younger brother. And the younger brother sat surrounded by the warmth of blankets and the mother, and laughed at the older brother. His smile was toothless. But that too is not important.

Then, the younger brother gestured and opened his arms. The older brother replied with the same gesture. Laughter, filled with such untainted joy! And they embraced one another. The MRT travelled from station to station. Passengers hurriedly came aboard, passengers hurriedly left the carriage. The wind howled outside. Trees, traffic, skyscrappers and the world passed by. And they embraced one another.

What went through their minds as they embraced?
Why does it matter. The embrace was pure, meaningless, and out of heartfelt innocence. They hugged tightly, inseperably and warmly. Most of all, they hugged and smiled, and closed their eyes.

And the mother smiled at me.

The three of them parted.

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