Tuesday, May 09, 2006

At the dentist

I've never had to keep my mouth open for so long.

One whole hour it took to fill two holes in my dentures. Ok, it's been close to 5 yrs since I last went to the dentist (long story), but my neck and mouth was sore after it today. Next week is the next consultation, where she'll thoroughly clean my dentures and give me advice on improving dental hygene.

Well, as the dentist worked, she and her assistent chatted like I wasn't there. The 'typical' 40yr old+ lady conversation...kids, holiday plans, and shopping, shopping, shopping. I could have laughed, if my mouth was not pried open widely by small metallic instruments. The dentist worked so close to me at times I could feel her bussum brush against my cheek, and hear her stomach growl.

Total cost? €392.60.
Yeah, that much.

It could be fun at the dentist, I see.

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