Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Shit is a problem in this country. Walking on the streets you'll constantly have to be vigilant not to step on the 'gold mines' that seem to be everywhere. When someone enters a bus or shop, and it starts to really smell, chances are he just hit the jackpot.

A representative of a local authority has argued for the compilation of a dog DNA database to stop rampant 'littering' on the streets. This way the owner who does not clean up after his dog's act will be faced with a fine. At the moment dog woners pay around €125 in dog tax. The councilman wants to abolish this and replace it with a dog DNA registration (€200), after which all dogs will need to wear a badge. Any dog caught without a badge will be fined €300, and illegal 'dumping' will be fined at €500.


I also came across a website called hondenpoep.com (dogshitdotcom), focusing on the issue of (you guessed it) dog shit. Pictures, discussions, articles galore.

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