Monday, May 08, 2006

Putting crime on the map: Misdaadkaart

Found this cool website where you can track acccidents, crime or other social disturbances in the Netherlands reported to the emergency services.

Just looked up my postcode and realised someone died a few metres up the street the other day. On Saturday the entire street was blocked and I saw a helicopter land in the middle of my street close to my house. I was wondering what it was.

Thanks to modern technology I can tell you what it was...
a traffic accident, where a 23yr old guy from Rotterdam was killed by a 53yr old from Voorburg.

I can also tell you that two 16yr olds dropped their pants in front of the public in Breda,
...that a drunk 51yr old exposed his private parts to a little girl in Gouda,
...that a 25yr old in Dordrecht was involved in a shooting incident possibly triggered by money issues,
...that a hemp plantation was found in an apartment here in Den Haag,
...that a bunch of vandals were possibly responsible for setting fire to a postbox in Tilburg,
...that a brawl broke out in Den Bosch at a bar,
...that a 63yr old man was caught 'satisfying' himself in public in Venlo,
...that a 21yr old girl was stabbed in her face in Utrecht,
...that two men in Leeuwaarden were arrested for a car radio scam,
...that a homeless 24yr old threatened a woman with a broken beer bottle after she told him off for peeing on the street

Hm, but really, do we need to know all this?
So much information, details and facts, at the click of your fingers.
The stuff of sensationalist journalism.

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