Sunday, May 07, 2006

"what kind of asshole are you?"

Believe it or not, the Dutch Interior Ministry and Ministry of Justice have together launched a website entitled "what kind of asshole are you?" ( It's aimed at young people, and part of the campaign to make the Netherlands safe (Nederland Veilig).

So who is an eikel (literally acorn, but more commonly known as the swearword "asshole") according to the government?

An "asshole" is someone who is motivated by selfish motives and his/her own interests, and disregards the well-being of other people around him/her. With interactive games, rap and polls, you're taught what is acceptable behaviour, and what the consequences are for delinquencies, such as theft, destruction of public property, etc.

Here is the price you pay for vandalism.

  • Bushokje (busstop) € 4.500,-
  • Speelhuisje op het schoolplein (playhouse on school playground) € 1.250,-
  • Brievenbus (post box)€ 700,-
  • Ruit (window) € 300,-
  • Rugleuning in de bus (back of a seat in bus) € 55,-
  • Kras op een auto (scratching a car) € 400,-
You've been warned!
Now there's Dutch liberalism for you!

UPDATE 9-5-2006
Seems like there are a lot more assholes in the UK and France.

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