Thursday, June 29, 2006

Calm in the storm

I’m sorry Sunny for what you’ve had to endure. A young being like you should not have to experience fights and feuds in the first few weeks of your life, especially not between the two people dearest to you.

How embarrassing that one of the first understandings of this world should be tainted by bad vibes and spiteful words and invisible tensions that can pierce through the air. That other people are not able to control their emotions and mood swings should not affect you in any way. It’s unfair that you should be exposed to heated temperaments and hard-headed ill-will. But let me tell you now that arguments and squabbles are part of life. Some have it more than others, others must be stuck in between, while all are dragged into a quagmire of momentary anguish and depression.

But I watched you while two people dearest in your life fought. You were unmoved, though the hearts and minds of the two were raging and wild. You slept soundly and enjoyed a quiet peace, while the two disturbed the peace and the peace in and around them. There is much you can yet teach the ‘grown-ups’ around you.

Like the calm in the storm, the still leave in the wind, the sun behind dense clouds, you were unmoved by the chaos and noise around you. That is a valuable gift, and will prove to be more invaluable in life. When there’s trouble, when others are making grief and misery, have your peace and do not get involved.

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